How to Ensure There is No Rivalry Among Siblings


If you are having trouble dealing with sibling rivalry as a parent, you need not worry. Such things do happen in a family, and it is not a challenging task to deal with it. Below we have compiled some essential tips to help get rid of such a situation.



Here’s How to Get Rid of Siblings Rivalry


Never Make Preferences

You need not make preferences among your children. Else, they will feel that you love the other one more than them, and eventually, this will result in siblings rivalry in the long term. Often things might degenerate, such as one can hit the other one to take revenge.

Explain to them You Love Them Equally

Suppose there is a difference of five years between your children. Then it is normal the way you will behave with each one will be different. However, you need to explain to your kids that you love both of them equally, and each of them requires separate guidance due to their age, thus the reason behind being sometimes unequal. 

Give Everyone the Same Value and Respect

When you have more than one kid, you need to ensure you respect and value everyone equally. For instance, if one of your kids made a mistake, you need to take the example of other siblings since this will provoke them more to do bad things in life because they will see this as unfair. Instead, you need to guide them properly and make them understand what’s good or bad.


As you may deduce, siblings rivalry comes from the way you behave with the children. Therefore, if you wish all of these to stop, you need to change the tactic you use to handle them. However, if things are still getting out of control, it is advisable to seek professional help.

Edith and Paul

Edith and Paul

Parents of 4 children, educators specializing in positive parenting for 6 years

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