Fun and interactive personalized baby websites that you build yourself in minutes. Choose from an assortment of custom baby templates that you manage from your own private control panel.
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Personalized Baby Websites that you build yourself in minutes. Choose from an assortment of custom baby themes that you manage from your own private control panel. First month free.
Standard Features

 100% ad-free hosting on our fast, secure servers.

 First Month Free with full administrative controls.

 Personal Domain - a unique web address just for your site.

 Instant Access to the control panel directly after submitting the sign-up form. Start building your site in minutes.

 Secure Control Panel - Full-featured, user friendly control panel with tips and instructions allow you to easily update your site anytime day or night

 Theme Gallery - Choose from an ever-growing collection of custom designed web theme sets. Change the appearance of your site as often as you like.

 Unlimited Pages - Create an unlimited number of web pages with images and interactive features. Make your site a true family homepage adding new pages as your family grows... baby's first step, first day at school, the family pet, uncle Bob's new car, etc. There is no limit. Turn pages on or off as desired.

 Unlimited Photo Album - Post as many photos as you like with absolutely no limit and no photo editing required. Add photos to your baby page, mom and dad page, baby journal, photo album, and others directly from your PC or digital camera.

 Movies and Sound - Our state-of-the-art control panel makes it easy to load movies and audio files to your Baby Website. Share special moments caught on video, the sound of your baby laughing, or even a favorite song to enhance your guest's viewing experience

 Birth Notice - Post a first photo and list your baby's birth statistics.

 Baby Page - Introduce your baby to the world with a favorite photo and unlimited text. More than one baby? Add a page for each of your children.

 Mom and Dad Page - An introduction page for the proud parents.

 Family Page - Add a page for your entire family.

 Baby Journal - Keep a record of your baby's special moments (first steps, first words etc.). This page can also be used to announce parties or keep a daily diary.

 Guestbook - Allow your visitors to leave a personal message in a full-featured guestbook (with smilies). Allow private messages and receive an email each time a guest posts a new entry.

 Links Page - Keep a list of your favorite baby resources or shopping websites. Create a wish list links page.

 Age Counter / Birth Countdown - Keeps a running total of days/months since your baby was born or days left before your baby arrives.

 Quiz - How well do your friends know you? Let them test themselves on your personalized baby or parent quiz page.

 Growth Chart - Track the weight and length of your child as he/she grows.

 Password Protection - Optional password protection insures privacy and safe publishing of family photos and personal information. Only those with a password that you have chosen can enter your site.

 Site Counter - Keep track of how many visitors have viewed your website. Turn this feature on or off as desired.

 Site Invitations/Address Book - Send invitations or site update announcements to your friends and family directly from the control panel. The address book holds unlimited email addresses. You can even allow your guests to add themselves to your address book.

 Many Extras! - Sign up for a 30 Day Free Membership and see for yourself.

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Our Baby Homepage Features

and frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Our Baby Homepage offers a limited time free membership and an unlimited monthly membership each with unrestricted features and updates. There are no hidden or additional charges.

  • 30 Day Free Membership - free (expires after 30 days).
  • Monthly Membership Subscription - $6.95 per month - no limit.
If I need more webspace for a large site, how much will that cost?

Unlike other services, we never charge more for additional webspace. Build your site as large as you like, it will never cost more than our low monthly rate.

Unlimited pages, unlimited albums, unlimited webspace - $6.95 per month

How do I pay for my website?

Once you begin your 30 Day Free Membership, you may start your subscription at any time from your member control panel. Simply go to the Subscribe page and select a payment option. We accept major Credit Cards and PayPal payments.

Is my payment transaction secure?

Yes. All your personal information is carefully safeguarded and no payment information is transmitted by our site. To learn more about how we protect personal information, please read our privacy statement.

How long does it take to setup a new account?

Your 30 Day Free Membership begins as soon as you complete and submit the sign-up form. Your account is activated instantly and is ready for you to begin loading your content and images. Additionally, an email confirmation will be sent to you as a reminder of your control panel login information. Estimated sign-up time - 2 minutes.

When will visitors be able to view my website?

Your website will be accessible immediately after submitting the sign-up form, however, it will remain blank until you enter your site content using the control panel. Informing friends and family of your web address or site update is easy using the newsletter editor / address book.

How long does it take to build a website?

It commonly takes about 15-30 minutes to complete your site depending on the options you have selected and the number of images you load to your photo album.

How often can I make changes to my website?

Our Baby Homepage allows unlimited site updates 24/7 from anywhere you have access to the Web. You may update your site by logging on to your control panel anytime day or night. Changes to your site take effect immediately.

I have triplets. Can I make a site for more than one baby?

Asolutely! You may add unlimited pages to your site on any topic. You also name the page and its link. Create pages for each member of your family. Your site can get bigger and bigger as your family grows.

Do I need to have an email address?

Yes. Some features require a valid email address in order to function properly. Additionally, your account confirmation and control panel user information will be sent to you at the email address you provide during sign-up. If you don't already have one, we suggest that you first register for a free email account with either Yahoo Mail or Hotmail before applying for Our Baby Homepage membership. Note: If you have anti-spam software running and have not received your sign-up confirmation after 5 minutes, check in your bulk mail or trash folder. Mark this email as "not spam" or add us to your address book to resolve this issue.

How do I get a personal domain?

You will create an unique domain name when filling in the sign-up form. All members receive a free personal domain and the ability to control security settings.

I already have a domain. May I use it with my Baby Website?

Absolutely! Just login to the control panel of your domain registrar and forward your domain to the URL of your Baby Website (ex.

Will you place advertising banners on my website?

NEVER! We will not post any third party advertising banners to our member sites. This is YOUR website only for the purpose of sharing your special event.

Is my website password protected?

You may choose to enable or disable password protection at your convenience. Password protection by default is disabled allowing unrestricted access to your site. Enabling password protection requires visitors to login using a password that you create. Our Baby Homepage is serious about protecting your privacy.

Is the control panel secure?

Yes. The control panel automatically encrypts your personal information in transit using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) and can only be accessed using your username and password. Additionally, Our Baby Homepage regularly screens member accounts for signs of abuse.

Can my website be written in languages other than English?

Yes. You may write your site's content in any language that uses standard western characters.

Do I need my own Internet Service Provider or hosting account?

No. Your website will be hosted on our servers. You only need to have a way to access the Internet in order to use your control panel. If you do not have Internet access at home, try using the terminal of a friend, family member, library, Internet cafe or office supply store such as Kinko's.

How do I get help if I'm having trouble building or viewing my site?

If you are experiencing problems that are not addressed in the control panel support page, feel free to contact us any time and a technician will assist you directly. You may also chat with us live with AOL's Instant Messenger.

How often may I update my photo album?

You may update your photo album anytime and as many times as you like during the course of your membership. Updates are free and unlimited.

Is there a limit to the amount of images I can load?

No. Our Baby Websites come with unlimited albums and unlimited images! Add all your favorite baby pics without limit. Our Baby Homepage was the first to provide unlimited photo albums.

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